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Being Bears and Bears of Lore have been placed on an alternating bi-weekly schedule.

Bears Ink Comics
Bears Ink Comics is the new home of Being Bears (the previous home is We formed Bears Ink Comics to be a sort of “parent/umbrella organisation” to host Being Bears and future Beary comics (see below). It is a team effort between Hayden (art, story and website) and Laura (lettering and story).
Hayden and Laura lives in Shaftesbury, England, and are originally from Trinidad and Tobago

Being Bears
Is a free webcomic that follows the life of two bears going about their daily business in the real world.

We initially came up with the idea in 2015, as a way to document our travels and the weird things that happen in our daily life. At that time Hayden couldn’t draw, and had just completed his PhD. Itching for a hobby, and having a goal, he dove into the journey of learning to draw.

Two years later Bears were born. The overall idea of Being Bears stays the same, in that every single episode (except the Nursery Rhymes) has some real life motivation.

Bears of Lore
This is a comic that is currently in the drawing stages. It is intended to be an episodic series following Bears (not unlike the ones in BB) in a fantasy world. The first chapter is almost complete and we are aiming to go live sometime in December 2020.

Other Comics (future plans)
– I Dream of Magic bears
– Chappy and the Community Garden

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